Jan. 16, 2016 - Library Revamps Adult Reading Program

January 14, 2016

Library Revamps Adult Reading Program

    BENTON, KY – Patrons should expect something different when the Marshall County Public Library’s I Love to Read program begins next month.

    Now in its thirteenth year, I Love to Read is the library’s annual reading program for adults, age eighteen and older. In previous years, patrons would sign up for the program and spend the month recording what books they’ve read. This year the signup forms and logs are gone, replaced by a simple hole-punch card every adult patron will receive when they check out books.

    “We’re taking some of the busy work out of it,” says Ginger Russell, Adult Services Librarian. “We have hundreds of patrons participate each year, and it takes time out of the patrons’ and staff’s busy day to keep up with binders full of unnecessary information.”

    Prizes have long been a staple of the program, and while how they will be distributed is a bit different, patrons should still find incentive enough to pick up a few extra books during February.

    “Each patron who participates will get a signup prize, and after that, all three branches be drawing for ten weekly winners from the cards completed that week. At the end of the month we’ll also be awarding a grand prize at each of the branches,” says Russell.

    In addition to changing the reading portion of the program, the library is also updating their annual Grand Finale party held in March. This year’s program will feature a trivia game where participants can showoff their vast amounts of book knowledge.

    The I Love to Read program runs February 1-29, and the Grand Finale is scheduled for Wednesday, March 2, at the Marshall County Public Library @Benton.