Apr. 1, 2015 - Innovation in Driving Education, Driving Tests Availability for Patrons


The Marshall County Public Library Announces Partnership with Driving-Tests.org; Innovation in Driving Education, Driving Tests Availability for Patrons

The Marshall County Public Library is pleased to announce a new partnership with Driving-Tests.org, one of the nation’s top sites for driver’s license practice tests. The partnership will strengthen the library’s mission to be a vital gateway to information.

The Marshall County Public Library is announcing a partnership with Driving-Tests.org, a company dedicated to driver safety and education, to offer free DMV practice tests to library patrons, starting April 01, 2014. The new service includes free tests, written specifically based on the state DMV materials, and is the only site of its kind to include accessibility tools that allow users to hear selections read aloud, make them into MP3s, translate pages into other languages, magnify text, and mask sections of the screen for greater visibility on driving practice tests. 
Availability and accessibility is important to the creators of Driving-Tests.org, as the site is designed to help new drivers study state manuals and take driving practice tests based on the real DMV written exams. This partnership allows the Marshall County Public Library to harness the power of Driving-Test.org’s specialized practice exams to turn new drivers into safer drivers. 
The new program will work as an outreach for several valued groups of patrons, such as teens, those with disabilities, those who participate in the library’s programs for seniors and need to take a renewal exam, and patrons at every other stage of life.

“We also have partnerships with hundreds of libraries and schools across the nation, devoted to creating safe drivers,” says Driving-Tests.org’s founder, Andrei Zakhareuski. “Our partners value information and accessibility – the same values we have, and ones that lead to safer roadways.”
For more information on the library, visit www.marshallcolibrary.org, and for their new Driving-Tests.org partner site, please visit http://marshallcolib.driving-tests.org/kentucky/.