Feb. 5, 2015 - Learn the Cherokee Language from Marshall County Public Library

Feb. 5, 2015

Marshall County Public Library supports endangered languages preservation with Cherokee language course through Mango Languages.

Benton, KY Feb. 5, 2015 – The Marshall County Public Library is excited to announce a brand new language course available through Mango Languages, a leading language and culture learning resource.
Accessible online through the library's website, and via mobile apps, this online resource teaches the Cherokee language and examines its unique linguistic and cultural history. Patrons are able to freely access the Cherokee course as well as over 60 language courses including English as a second language.

"The Marshall County Public Library is always looking to connect our patrons to cutting-edge and relevant online resources that can be used whenever and wherever is easiest for the learner. With the
addition of the Cherokee course, we are now providing a way to all take part in preserving this endangered language,” said Lenisa Jones, @Benton Branch Manager.

To access the Cherokee course and learn more about Mango Languages, visit www.marshallcolibrary.org/databases and click on Mango Languages