Nov. 14, 2014 - The Crowds Pack The Library For LEGO Night

November 14, 2014


  The Crowds Pack The Library For LEGO Night 

    Benton, KY – The phrase “build it and they will come” took on a whole new meaning when approximately three hundred people converged on the Marshall County Public Library @Benton last Thursday for the Fourth Annual LEGO Night program. 

    “LEGO Night has been one of our most popular events since its inception in 2010,” said Beth Kerrick, Children’s Librarian at the Marshall County Public Library @Benton. “Kids of all ages love LEGOs, and as an educator and parent, I love the creativity and engineering skill building that happens when kids play with LEGOs.”

    This year 145 children spent the evening seeing who could build the tallest tower, racing cars they had constructed, and challenging themselves to duplicate different LEGO patterns. The library served snacks and awarded door prizes to participants.

    “Programs like LEGO Night are not only a chance for families to come out and enjoy spending time together, but its also an opportunity for more families to discover our library and the services we offer. Too many people still think of libraries as giant tombs filled with books, when in fact we have so much more to offer from online services to events like LEGO Night,” says Kerrick. 

    The Marshall County Public Library offers regular programming for people of all ages throughout the year. For more information about the library and the various services they offer, visit