August 27, 2014 - Teen Tech Program

August 27, 2014



Library Introduces New STEM Programs For Teens


               Benton, KY – Local teens were able to get hands-on experience with building a computer at the Marshall County Public Library’s Teen Tech Workshop held on Tuesday, August 26. The workshop was part of the library’s efforts to include more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) elements in their programs for students.

               “Libraries across the United States are starting to focus their attention on STEM programming,” says Tammy Blackwell, Young Adult Librarian. “We all recognize the need for students to have a strong grasp of STEM concepts before they head out into a workforce where more and more jobs are dependent upon technology.”

               According to Blackwell, the libraries of today are redefining who they are by looking at the needs of the community and finding new and inventive ways to meet those when and where they can. “I think the Change the Equation organization says it best. ‘A literate nation not only reads. It computes, investigates, and innovates.’ The modern library wants to encourage all forms of literacy, and one way to do that is through STEM programming.”

               The Teen Tech Workshop on August 26 gave ten middle and high school students a chance to get their hands inside a computer to see how they work. The session was led by Zach Martin, the library’s Digital Media Coordinator.

               “Programs like this not only teach the students about technology and how to use it, but it also gives them an opportunity to meet other people who share similar interests,” says Martin.

               The library plans to offer two to three tech workshops for teens each year in addition to their normal teen programming. For more information on teen programming at the library, visit