November 8, 2013 - Lego Night is a Winning Creation

November 8, 2013

Lego Night is a Winning Creation

               Benton, KY – Legos are nothing more than interlocking, brightly-colored plastic bricks, but they’ve become a staple of childhood and creativity. 

               “Everyone loves Legos,” says Beth Kerrick, Children’s Librarian for the Marshall County Public Library. “There is no way of defining the average Lego fan because so many different kinds of people - young and old, male and female – enjoy building and creating with Legos.”

               The Lego craze has been growing and spreading in recent years with the introduction of pop culture themed Legos, Lego video games, and Lego theme parks. In 2011 the Marshall County Public Library jumped on the Lego bandwagon and introduced their Lego Night program. From it’s induction, it’s been a hit with local Lego enthusiast.

               “We were absolutely blown away with the response that first year,” says Kerrick. “We knew Legos were popular, but we had no idea that many kids would be so excited to come out to the library and build with their friends. There was no doubt in our mind we needed to make it an annual program.”

               This past Thursday saw the third annual Lego Night at the library. Following the theme of “Choose Your Own Lego Adventure”, participants made their way through a variety of Lego-centric stations, including a tower building contest, a minifigure craft, and car races. The Lego Man was also on hand to meet his fans and have pictures taken.

               Lego Night is just one of the many family programs offered at the Marshall County Public Library. For more information on other programs offered for people of all ages, please visit their website at or visit your local branch.