September 16, 2021 - Library Receives Funding For 50 Wi-Fi Hotspot Kits

September 16, 2021
For immediate release


 As remote learning and working continue to be a reality for many during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Marshall County Public Library has received funding to offer 50 new Wi-Fi hotspot kits to its patrons.

Through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Emergency Connectivity Fund, a $7.17 billion program aimed at helping schools and libraries provide the tools and services needed to provide necessary Internet access, the library will be able to offer broadband Internet service for off-campus use.

“The library is always looking for ways to extend the reach of internet access in our rural community,” said Benton Branch Manager Lenisa Jones. “We offer internet access in-house for patrons but sometimes that is not always feasible when it is needed for home use and our computer lab is not open 24 hours a day. We are always proud to offer anyone in our community a chance to stay connected even at home.”

Slightly different from the library’s existing grant kit, which includes a hotspot and laptop, the library will only be providing the hotspot for the new kits. Patrons will need to provide their own device to connect.

The 50 hotspot kits will be distributed between all three of the library’s branches and will be available for checkout as soon as Sep. 20. For more information about the kits, call the library at 270-527-9969.