January 14, 2021 - Library to Lend Out Mobile Hotspots and Laptops

January 14, 2021
For immediate release


In an effort to continue the work of bridging the digital divide within the community, the Marshall County Public Library will begin a laptop and hotspot lending program as part of a Workforce Education, Resources, and Knowledge Services (WERKS) initiative on Jan. 19.

As one of 20 Kentucky public libraries to be awarded a workforce grant from The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) for the lending program, Marshall County Public Library will receive five laptops and hotspots to put in circulation for adult patrons who require a computer and internet access to complete resumes, job searches, and applications.

“Public libraries have always been a place where people can come to get information, knowledge and education for free,” said Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, secretary of The Kentucky Education and Workforce Development (EWCD). “That is even more important this year when so many people have to use computers and Wi-Fi for work and school from home during the pandemic.”

Since many Kentuckians cannot afford or don’t have access to computers or Wi-Fi, especially in more rural areas like Marshall County, the library’s overarching goal is to remain a space where residents can access the internet and receive assistance, even if it’s not necessarily in-house.

The kits will have lending period of two weeks with an automatic two-week renewal if there are no holds on the kit. Each kit will include written instructions for basic computer tasks, brochures on how to access and use workforce development resources, and a series of instructional videos.

Benton Branch Manager Lenisa Jones said Marshall County Public Library is proud to support all students and employees who are working from home in order to keep our community safe.

“We are so glad to be able to offer a lending program like this to help bridge any digital divide due to lack of internet access at home,” Jones said.

For additional information about the kits, call the library at (270) 527-9969.