October 7, 2020 - Curbside Request Service Extended to Adult Patrons

October 7, 2020
For immediate release


As children and teen book bundles continue to be a popular way to gather material, the Marshall County Public Library has extended its bundle offering to adult patrons with the addition of a Curbside Request Service, which allows patrons to request material from the comfort of home.

“Our new book bundle request link for children really took off so we were hoping to be able to offer something similar for adults to send us their library requests from home,” said Benton Branch Manager Lenisa Jones. “The new curbside request form gives patrons a simplified way to request library material and we do the rest of the work for you.”

For patrons who don’t feel comfortable browsing the library during the pandemic, or who just need some new suggestions based off of what they already know they like, this service is ideal.

Library Director Tammy Blackwell said this new service is just another way to meet the library’s overarching goal of making its services accessible to patrons of all ages, even during a pandemic.

“We want to have a library that is easy for everyone to use,” Blackwell said. “As we head toward the winter months, we realize more and more people may have a need for our curbside service. This new curbside form makes taking advantage of that option as simple as possible."

With the new Curbside Request form, which is now available on the homepage of the library’s website, patrons don’t even need their library card number, PIN, or password to request items. They can simply visit http://marshallcolibrary.org/curbside-request-form, fill out the online form, and wait to receive a call from the library telling them their material is ready to be picked up.

For more information about the Curbside Request Service, call the library at (270) 527-9969.