Feb. 10, 2017 - Bill of Rights Anniversary

The Marshall County Public Library System had the fortunate opportunity to host a pop-up exhibition of The Bill of Rights to commemorate the 225th anniversary of this landmark document.This exhibit is brought to you in collaboration with the KY Humanities Council and the Federation of State Humanities Councils.

The Bill of Rights and You spotlights one of the most remarkable periods in American history, explores the origins of the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution (collectively known as the Bill of Rights), illustrates how each amendment protects U.S. citizens, and looks at how Americans exercise the rights outlined in the amendments. The Bill of Rights and You invites visitors to connect directly with the people, places, and events that mark this historic document’s evolution. This exhibit runs through February 25, 2017.

Special thanks to Mr. Chris Kerrick for taking some time to stop by and explain to our After-School kids how important this is and the political history behind it.

Patrons are invited to visit the display to learn more about our rich political heritage. A wide variety of materials about the Bill of Rights, our founding fathers, and more political history subjects can be discovered in the library’s collection or through various digital resources made available at www.marshallcolibrary.org.

(Pictured in photo is Mr. Chris Kerrick, government teacher at Marshall Co High School, and elementary students who attend after school progamming at the Benton branch library.)