May 23, 2016 - Edible Plants Workshop Coming To Library

May 23, 2016


Edible Plants Workshop Coming To Library

BENTON, KY – Everyone knows a diet rich is leafy greens is best for your body. Health conscious eaters load up on foods like lettuce, spinach… and dandelions?

“Most people don’t think about all the edible plants that grow right in their backyard,” says Lenisa Jones, Branch Manager of the Marshall County Public Library @Benton. “From dandelions to chickweed, there are lots of things we would normally consider weeds that can actually be used for food or medicine.”

On Thursday, June 16, the library will be hosting an Edible Plants Workshop that will focus on which local plants can safely be eaten, and which to avoid. The workshop will feature Craig Caudill of the Nature Reliance School, who previously held a Survival Workshop at the library.

“Craig is a great presenter who knows a lot about nature and survival,” says Jones. “When he came in November we had nearly one hundred people attend his program, and they were all excited by the information he was able to provide. Afterwards, many of those who attended expressed a desire to learn more about edible plants. We’re happy that we were able to invite Craig back for what I’m sure will be a very informative program.”

Caudill is the Director and Chief Instructor of the Nature Reliance School located in Central Kentucky. He has appeared on the KET shows Tim’s Country Kitchen and Kentucky Life, and has been featured in many magazines, including American Frontsman and Kentucky Afield.