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The following is an ever-growing list of guides we are providing for patron use. 

The list will be updated periodically and it does contain the course materials used in our in-house classes. 

The links appended "(Download)" can be downloaded for offline viewing. You do this by right clicking on the link and clicking "Save link as..."

Backing Up Properly (Download)

Basic Computer Skills I (Download)

Basic Computer Skills II (Download)

Beginners Guide to Anonymity Online

Beginners Guide to Email

Beginners Guide to Facebook

Cleaning off your computer completely with Darik's Boot & Nuke (Download)

Creating Strong Passwords (Download)

Cyber Security/Online Awareness (Download)

Finding Downloaded Files (Download)

Frequently Asked Questions Following Traumatic Events: Violence, Disasters, or Terrorism (Download) (Children's National Health System)

Google Like a Pro (Download)

Google Tools (Download)

How to Find a Job using LinkedIn

Internet Basics (Download)

iPhone/iPad/iPod: eBooks from OverDrive

Keyboard Shortcuts (Download)

Microsoft Office: Excel 2013 Basics (Download)

Microsoft Office: Excel 2007 Basics (Download)

Microsoft Office: Word 2013 Basics (Download)

Microsoft Office: Word 2013 Overview (Download)

Overdrive eBooks: Kindle App

Overdrive eBooks: Kindle - older model synced over USB (Download)

Overdrive eBooks: Kindle - older model synced over WiFi (Download)

Overdrive eBooks: Kindle Fire

Overdrive eBooks: HELP <- Very thorough, step-by-step directions for numerous topics regarding Overdrive.

Overdrive eBooks: NOOK HD/HD+

Overdrive eBooks: NOOK

Overdrive eBooks: Reading in your web browser (Download)

Private Web Browsing (Download)

Social Media Class (Download)

Taking Screenshots (Download)

Working with ZIP files (Download)