Surplus Computer Sale @Benton

Computer lot photo

For the next several weeks, we will be putting new bundles of surplus equipment in the lower foyer on Fridays.  We will accept sealed bids (name, phone, and bid amount) or by using the online bid form below, which will be opened on the following Thursday at 9 AM.  We will be accepting sealed bids for two auctions: one computer bundle and a lot of two computer bundles.

A bundle is: computer, 17” monitor, keyboard, mouse two power cables, and VGA cable. A lot is two bundles.

All computers contain DVD+/-RW burner drives with light scribe, unless otherwise described. All computers have hard drives with a minimum of 80 GB storage space.

The computers contain NO operating system. Windows and all software has been wiped from all surplus computers to comply with regulations. You will have to provide your own copy of Windows or Linux!

One auction will be posted per week. That week's computers for auction will be on display in @Benton's main lobby.

You can place bids online by clicking THIS LINK, or you can come in to @Benton, place a bid, and borrow a book or two. 

Computers have NO software installed.
We reserve the rights to deny any and all bids.
All sales are final.