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Orbis De Scriptors: Let's Talk Food

By Kayla

I'm usually always baked

But some people enjoy me better raw

Even though you might get sick.

I come in buckets.....or logs.

What makes me.....me

is all the yummy things inside.

Hello, nice to meet you.

I'm cookie dough!



By Anonymous

I am delicious,

and I know it.

Hordes of people gather once a year to praise my glory.

I bring enjoyment to the body and soul.





For I am....the POTATO!


I wanna cookie,

you want a cookie too.

But there are not more cookies,

so what are we to do?

You ate all the ice cream,

I ate all the cake,

But we can't make anything,

because we both can't bake!

I really need a diet,

Tomorrow, now, I swear!

Or at the very least,

I'll eat this yummy pear!



By Daniel and Josh

~I'm sweet and tasty,

crunchy or soft,

some like me chewy or hard.

I'm better taking a swim, but don't leave in too long..

or I'll drift apart


~The first person to try me must of been very grave.

 Your children are told to drink me....

 so they do not break.


We are best friends


*High Five*

We Are Cookies & Milk


By Joshua

Chips Ahoy!

Chips ahoy are good.

I love chips ahoy at night.


They are all gone.

*Drop Mic*


By Tory

Pickles in puddles, 1.....2......3......

Pickles in puddles, dancing a rather peculiar two step, unbeknownst to me.

Pickles in puddles, quite the peculiar sight,

Pickles in puddles, dancing a peculiar two step,

during all of the nights.


Orbis De Scriptors: Punchline Story Week

By Anonymous

My best friend is short,

and everyone thinks I'm gay.

My best friend hates to love me,

and I like to shoot smiley faces.

Oh! I also live at 221B Baker Street.

Did you guess?

I'm Sherlock Holmes


By Anonymous #2

Once you get to know me, you will immediately love me.

Even though I have huge hands and feet...

and don't get me started on my nose and ears.

I'm into show business; I started back in black & white pictures but worked by way up.

I have two best friends.

One is a little clumsy and the other has some anger issues, but they are my pals!

I've traveled all over the world, well except perhaps Antartica.

But the USA is home, from California all the way to Flordia.

My face is plastered on everything from plastic lunchboxes to chocolately ice cream treats.

I'm the world's most loveable rodent.

Did you guess?

I'm Mickey Mouse


By Faith

I'm a pretty cool guy.

I used to work alone but now I work with others.

I'm not as popular as some of my friends.

People think they're cooler than me, 

but I disagree.

I have a secret.

My best friend is pretty dangerous.

She's really good with guns.

I don't usually use those, I prefer a bow and arrow.

I like living in solitude. 

I like black and purple.

Did you guess?

I am Hawkeye.


By Rachel

When I was young, I was an alien.

But now I know I am human.

I have four friends and I'm always very happy.

All my friends are boys,

except for one, she's actually a demon.

I live on an island shapped like a T.

I have a bumgorf!...He's basically a worm or caterpillar.

Anyway I hope you like bad jokes! Hahaha

I'm Starfire!

I hope you like Teen Titans!


By Shelby

My best friend at was once my worst enemy in school.

One time he even "adopted" a little girl and dressed her up.

His dad is very famous.

Me? I had a retainer in school.

I am shorter than almost everyone.

My job is to scare people.

My boss enjoys reminding me that she sees my every move.

I don't wear shoes.

My enemy at work was once my friend in school.

 He had a cool party trick that was ruined by his glasses.

If I wore glasses, they would have to be specially designed.....

because I only have one eye.

I'm green.

I'm a monster.

Did you guess?

I am Mike Wazowski!